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Deborah Webster, Piano Instructor


A music lover from early on, I have been playing piano since I was seven years old.  For ten years, I studied under Leena Kareoja-Crothers, a renowned pianist and National Competition champion from Finland.  My training focused on classical repertoire and advanced piano technique.  Through high school and college, my music interest expanded to improvisation and jazz, Renaissance woodwind ensembles, and voice.  I have taught piano, directed choirs and youth chamber ensembles, participated in numerous performances including piano, percussion, recorder ensemble and handbell choirs.  I have accompanied ballet classes and numerous solo voice recitals over the years.  As of 2016, I have chosen to focus my music on teaching piano, and have opened my MusicNOW studio.  I have a BA/Minor in Music, and I am a registered instructor with the Canadian Royal Conservatory.  With my husband, I have been a long-time resident of Walnut Creek, and plan to stay in the area indefinitely.

Allow me to introduce you to the joy of music through the piano; I look forward to helping you achieve your rewarding and personal goal!  

I’d love to hear from you!

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